CD Baby DIY Musician Conference

We’ve been in Chicago all weekend again, for the second time in three weeks. Fortunately we love Chicago. We’re here because Shannon was speaking and performing at the first ever CD Baby DIY Musician Conference!

The photos below capture her involvement pretty well. Less clear from the pictures is what an excellent vibe was going around the place all weekend. CD Baby very clearly has a corporate culture of kindness, and it permeated the event. What a pleasure.

(Oh, and I got to meet a childhood hero, Martin Atkins – drummer in PiL/Ministry/etc and author of the legendary indie touring manual Tour Smart, which was so influential to me and Shannon when we were getting her career going. Naturally I peppered him with technical questions about the 1989 Ministry tour, because that’s just who I am. Much to his credit, he was totally into talking about it. Really friendly guy. What a pleasant surprise.)
shannon curtis speaking at the c baby diy musician conference

shannon curtis performing at the c baby diy musician conference

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