I’m on tour with my sweetie. Check here for dates; if we’re going to be in your area and you want to come to a show, email me and we’ll see if we can get you hooked up with an invite. I’ll be back to normal on here in October. Have a great summer!

Cool news — I just signed on to record/produce/mix a record this summer with a band from San Francisco called Tremor Low! It’s cool — kind of a post-goth thing. As a reformed goth this is TOTALLY UP MY ALLEY and I’m really looking forward to making this record. Exciting …

Last week I remixed an Oakland hardcore punk record from 1995 by the Gimps! Super fun project. Those guys were only 17 when they made this record. I’ll have a song or two up on my mixes page when I get a minute.

Other than that, Shannon and I have been working full strength on her first full-production / full-length record. It’s coming along super well — great songs, great sounds, great recordings. Very exciting. The studio upgrades we did over the last year are paying off.

If you’re coming through LA, holler! We need something to get us out of the house every so often.

I just finished the absolute most fun little tour EVER, with a new band called Glasser. The music is great, and the people COULD NOT BE NICER. It was short, sweet, and highly entertaining. Did I mention how excellent the band are as people? Wow. I kind of lost a bit of faith in people during the first part of this year — these guys did a lot to help restore it. At any rate, if you’re not familiar with them, check them out. The music is unusual and very cool.

A new band called Twin Shadow joined us for 5 dates mid-tour, and that was a huge treat as well. They are fantastic. Every song is a hit. It’s like watching a John Hughes soundtrack you’d never heard before playing out live on stage. Great band.

We’re home now, for a couple months. We’ll be bunkering in, starting Shannon’s new record, and hopefully not going much of anywhere. If you’re in the area, get in touch and we’ll meet you for dinner or something!

I’m doing a quick getting-to-know-you gig with a new EMI artist named Sky Ferreira.

I spent the last few days in New York, in rehearsals, helping whip the live production and sound into shape. We did a couple rehearsal-room showcases for EMI staff and fans, and then this morning we flew into Cologne, Germany (of all places).

Today is a day off, then tomorrow we do a 3-song gig for a bunch of EMI record executives from all over Europe. Then we go directly home. Crazy. Everyone’s nice and my EMI buddy Matt Shelton is along for the trip, so it’s a good time, and plus I’ll be home before I know it. Little eight-day work trips are great!

I’m out again with VV Brown, this time supporting Maroon 5 in the US. Can I just say — I didn’t know much of anything about M5 before this tour, but, WOW, are they a fantastic live band! This is only made better by the undeniable fact that they’re genuinely super guys. Friendly, good-natured, and talented. Making their acquaintance and hearing them play has been a true pleasure.

Here are the dates — let me know if you want to see the show and I’ll swing you a couple tickets! We’re doing all big venues — amphitheaters and arenas — good summertime fun.

05 AUG – Clarkston, MI
07 AUG – Canandaigua, NY
09 AUG – Boston, MA
11 AUG – Jones Beach, NY
13 AUG – Bristow, VA
14 AUG – Camden, NJ
15 AUG – Holmdel, NJ
17 AUG – Raleigh, NC
19 AUG – Miami, FL
20 AUG – Clearwater, FL
21 AUG – Alpharetta, GA
22 AUG – Baltimore, MD
23 AUG – Morgantown, WV
24 AUG – Davidson, NC
26 AUG – Chattanooga, TN
27 AUG – Memphis, TN
28 AUG – Lexington, KY
29 AUG – Pittsburgh, PA
31 AUG – Dayton, OH
01 SEP – Indianapolis, IN

We finished up the VV tour with nine days of stadiums in the UK. The smallest crowd I mixed for was about 30,000, and the largest was over 55,000 (at Hampden Park in Glasgow. Holy CRAP is that space big!). Here’s what the view from my mixing desk typically looked like:

view from my console, Wales

And now … I’m on vacation with my lovely wife! I’m writing this from Brugge. It’s adorable but I can’t see myself coming back. We just came from Paris, and we’re off to Amsterdam on Monday, seeing The National at Paradiso on Tuesday. SO excited … then back to the States for a festival, and then promptly back over to Morocco, and then immediately back to the US again. Nice routing :-p

Hi! So far we’ve been doing little things all over the place with VV … promo, one-offs, fly dates, that sort of thing. We’re doing a brief east-coast run next week, capped off with a visit to Rachael Ray, then we’re back to LA to do Jimmy Kimmel.

We head to Paris at the beginning of March for 3 days, to do a bunch of promo and 2 shows (including one *on* the Eiffel Tower!). Then we’re back to LA to do Craig Ferguson. I have a week off while VV does some radio stuff around the US, and then we meet up for SXSW and then a tour in support of Little Dragon (with whom we’re sharing a bus as well — should be fun). Dates are:

17-20 MAR: SXSW
21 MAR: Charlotte
22 MAR: Charlottesville
23 MAR: Philly
24 MAR: DC
25 MAR: Brooklyn
28 MAR: Boston
29 MAR: Montreal
30 MAR: Toronto
31 MAR: LA (private gig)
01 APR: Chicago
02 APR: Iowa City
03 APR: Omaha
05 APR: Denver
09 APR: Seattle
10 APR: Napa (private gig)
11 APR: Bellingham
12 APR: Portland
13 APR: SF
14 APR: SF
15 APR: LA (private party)
16 APR: LA (outdoors at Capitol)
20 APR: NYC (iTunes SoHo)

Come say hi! There’s a lot more happening this year … I’ll post updates as I get them.

Shannon’s tour was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who housed us, fed us, and generally showed us a great time. And thank you to the weather for conveniently routing around us the entire time! We missed rain, wind, sleet, snow, and hail, often by mere hours. Amazing.

We’re now bunkered down in South Pasadena, doing a bunch of label/web stuff, cooking amazing organic food from the farmer’s market, and gearing up for Shannon’s next recordings. More soon!