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I am interested in making art. And when I say ‘art,’ I mean as opposed to ‘entertainment.’

This is to say, I am entirely uninterested in making music with commerce in mind, or with the goal of chasing after a certain style or sound. This is not to say that I haven’t made records that have seen some commercial success; I have. But it wasn’t what we were aiming at. Inasmuch as the records I make are successful, it’s simply because they’re good, not because we brought in extra writers or focus-grouped the mixes.

I am similarly uninterested in music-by-committee, in any of its various manifestations. I prefer to make art directly with artists, without outside influence, with a bare minimum of people in the room, following our hearts and intuition, with the goal being to arrive at something unique, exceptional, and timeless.

I produce and mix and engineer. I specifically focus on working with artists who are looking to make adventurous, immersive records, particularly with an alternative or independent bent. I most often take projects from initial songwriting demos through final masters; sometimes I’m just putting a mix on something someone else has produced; and then some stuff I do falls somewhere in the middle.

I am specifically interested in amplifying vulnerable voices: female voices, gay voices, trans voices, brown voices. If you’re in a Mexican lesbian punk band, I very much want to make a record with you. If you’re doing something socially conscious, I very much want to make a record with you too. We’re entering a time where things may get dark; my interest lies in using music to shine a light forward into the darkness.

I don’t make ordinary-sounding records. If you want an “LA-sounding” record, or a record that sounds like another record you know, or a record that could be classified as safe or conservative or predictable in its approach, I’m not your person. If on the other hand you would like to push some boundaries, and stretch yourself as an artist, and make something unique and bold and brave – then I’m very much your person.

I work primarily out of Shannon & Jamie’s House of Magic — our residential home studio in Tacoma, Washington — and I also travel to make records elsewhere. If you are interested in making something together, send me an email and let’s talk.


There are a few different things to listen to here. Because I am the most interested in crafting a narrative arc at album length, first up are a few full-length records I’ve made in different genres. And then below that is a mixtape sampled from a bunch of the records I’ve made over the last few years. Enjoy.