Sparkly Girly Mania

My friend Aimee uttered the best phrase this weekend – “sparkly girly mania.” Wouldn’t that be the best band name ever? Or maybe “sparkle girl mania.” Either way, I think we’re on to something.

I spent the weekend traveling with Aimee’s cover band, engineering – we did one proper club date and two private parties. It was so much fun – the band are all such nice people, and they’re great at what they do. Mixing disco music all weekend has cleansed my palate for the upcoming indie-rock onslaught. I took my new FOH rack out for the trip, which was sweet – although, I don’t have most of my gear in it yet, so it was essentially a 60-pound tap delay. Like they used to have in the 30s! But, the hell with efficiency. I can’t wait until the other $700 of gear is in it!

On the drive home, Rob and I were listening to Mitch Hedberg. Wow :-)

R. Kelly – Trapped In The Closet Chapters 6-12

I just got my weekly email from iTunes, and was thrilled to learn that R. Kelly has just released the second installment in his Trapped In The Closet series of music video mini-dramas! Trapped In The Closet may be the best music video mini-drama ever. It may also be the only music video mini-drama ever, but that doesn’t take away from its sheer brilliance. You haven’t fully experienced music video mini-drama until you’ve heard the word “spatula” crooned over a dark R&B beat, as the nosy neighbor opens the door to find R. Kelly, his cheating wife, and her jailbird brother heavily armed in a blood-spattered hallway. Awesome! Highly recommended.