Hi! I’ve just signed on to do some work with VV Brown, from the UK. The first month or so is a lot of promo — I’ll post tour dates as they are confirmed!

Last night I got hired to do a super fun job — I mixed the new 2010 instrumental version of “Jump Around,” by House of Pain! What a classic track. Listen for it coming soon to a TV ad or basketball arena near you!

Shannon’s tour was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who housed us, fed us, and generally showed us a great time. And thank you to the weather for conveniently routing around us the entire time! We missed rain, wind, sleet, snow, and hail, often by mere hours. Amazing.

We’re now bunkered down in South Pasadena, doing a bunch of label/web stuff, cooking amazing organic food from the farmer’s market, and gearing up for Shannon’s next recordings. More soon!