I’m thrilled to be able to share this with you. Christen and I worked on this record for well north of a thousand hours, over a period of four years. And it’s out today.

This is classical music, sort of. It’s also indie music, sort of. And soundtrack music, and ambient music, and industrial music, at times. Sort of. It’s its own thing. We’re enormously proud of it. I hope you love it.

Without further ado … here’s this year’s record.

It’s been a stressful year. So we did something new, and somewhat extraordinary – we invented something called an “audio play.” This is a set of 10 songs, connected by spoken-word storytelling, underpinned by environmental recordings, movie-like sound effects, and score. The whole experience runs a seamless 67 minutes, and is like seeing a one-woman theater show, with no visuals.

We hope you love it, and that it helps provide some meaning, context, and hope for you in these difficult times. Hang in there.

Here’s a brand-new video (highly excellent) by a brand-new band (from Finland) for a brand-new song (which I mixed). Sort of industrial-goth-trip-hop, perhaps. Featuring Kauko Röyhkä, who is a legend. I’m honored to be involved. Great song, too. Have a listen!